Ghent Porch

Ghent Porch

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jones House and the Bradham-Slover House

For me, these photos seem to have some surreal activity going on.

I'm not a psychic-- nor do I think that I see anything here that anyone else wouldn't see, but there is some translation between my eyeballs and my brain that seems to see some movement in the photos.

There may be reason!

The Slover Bradham House at 201 Johnson Street is for Sale!!

 Charles Slover House: c. 1848-49. New Bern's most grand Greek Revival style residence. During the Civil War, Union General Ambrose Burnside selected the house for his headquarters. Purchased in 1908 by C. D. Bradham, inventor of "Brad's Drink," now known as Pepsi-Cola

John Jones House on the corner of Eden and Pollock Street once housed the Confederate Spy, Emmeline Piggott

The John Jones House on Eden Street was built in 1809 and served as a Confederate Jail during the occupation of New Bern in the Civil War. The house is now owned by the Tryon Palace folks (aka the State of North Carolina). I always get a sense of something surreal when I look at any photos taken on this corner of Eden and Pollock Street....

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